Promotion 2021

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Estudios Backstage Latinoamérica C.A. is about to celebrate its 21st anniversary providing the best dubbing service in the world, for this reason we have decided to celebrate this event by offering a special promotion which consists of the dubbing of your audiovisual material to neutral Spanish at a cost of US$ 14 per minute. This promotion includes Spanish translation and adaptation, as well as recording and stereo mixing.

Throughout these 21 years, we have achieved a sustained growth, going from having 3 studios initially to the 12 recording studios we have nowadays, which has allowed us to fulfill with punctuality and quality the projects entrusted by our clients. 

Our client portfolio is comprised by companies such as: YFE (Germany), Intermedia (Turkey), Canal D (Turkey), RAI (Italy), Hong Kong Century (China), Scorpio (United Kingdom), IMIRA (Spain), Mega Chile (Chile), Eccho Rights (Sweden), SIC (Portugal), Media Pro (Spain), Media Toons (France), Fox (USA), NatGeo (USA), among others, fulfilling in 100% their expectations related to both service and quality. All of our customers can endorse the excellence of the service provided. If you are interested, we can arrange a dubbing demo of your material; you only have to contact our team in order to coordinate such test.

It is worth to highlight that this promotion is valid until May 31st, 2021, so do not hesitate to contact us, either through our e-mail or by phone +1-305-5149663. Furthermore, we invite you to visit us online through our website, where you can have a virtual 3D tour of our facilities, as well as have access to some demos of audiovisual content dubbed by us, you will also be able to find more information about the company and who we are.

Join us to celebrate these 21 years, we invite you to be part of our client´s family and take advantage of this anniversary promotion.

We are awaiting you

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