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The localization process requires much more than a direct word to word approach to a film or documentary script, the translator has to understand the content of the project he is working on, keep the meaning and context of the original version and turn it into another language. 

Additionally, it’s also required to adapt the translated version to suit the dubbing or subtitling parameters, etc., while also taking into account other factors such as duration of spoken words, reading speed, characters per line, culture, etc.

Backstage Studios Latin America focuses on maintaining a high standard in our translations and projects as is the basis of many of the services we offer, besides,  and in order to make a perfect adaption, we also offer you Graphic re-versioning, to change all on screen texts and images to the targeted language on our brand new video post production studio. 

Graphic Re-versioning

Please notice the serie name, now in spanish. Visit our portfolio to see more.

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