Brazilian Portuguese Dubbing

Expanding into Brazil

When targeting the Latin American market, it is crucial to consider dubbing into Brazilian Portuguese, as Brazil is the largest country in South America with over 200 million inhabitants.

At Backstage Studios Latin America, while we prepare to open our Brazilian branch, we have formed alliances with several professional dubbing houses in Brazil. This allows us to deliver high-quality dubbing in both Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, all under one roof. This approach has been a significant advantage for our customers, as both dubbings are mixed in the same studio by the same engineer, ensuring consistent sound quality and unified Quality Control.

We collaborate only with the best voice casting, and our Brazilian partners are part of the SATED agreement, signed by a prominent association of voice actors.

Our typical delivery time is around 15 working days from the receipt of the material to be dubbed. We require a low-resolution video file with the original audio (H264, 1280px width, .mov or .mp4, audio format MP3 or AAC 192 kbps), the English script, and the M&E stereo track (if applicable).

While audio specifications may vary from customer to customer, we usually deliver in -24 LKFS, 24 bits / 48 kHz .wav files:

  • BR DUB Stereo Full Mix
  • BR DUB Dialogs Only Stereo Track (DX)
  • BR DUB Card (list of all voice actors involved)
  • BR DUB Script.
  • Left, Center, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround and LFE mono audio tracks for 5.1 mixes.
  • Pro Tools Session (if required)
  • BR DUB M&E (if required)
  • Voice release - Signed Contract (+10% if required) 

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