LATAM Spanish Dubbing

One accent to rule them all!

The quality of dubbing is crucial to maintaining the spirit of the original material and can sometimes even enhance it. When dubbing is aimed at the Latin American Spanish-speaking market, the accent plays a decisive role in audience acceptance. While it is the same language, regional accents can cause the material to be rejected by certain segments of the audience. For this reason, all dubbing done at Backstage Studios Latin America uses a Neutral Spanish Accent (also known as Standard Spanish or Latin American Spanish). Thanks to our talented team of translators, engineers, producers, and over 400+ dubbing artists, we ensure a high-quality final product that is easily accepted within the Latin American market.

With dedicated dubbing facilities, each studio is set up identically to ensure consistent sound quality. Our in-house team of qualified professionals and centralized infrastructure allows us to automate and manage the entire dubbing process, file delivery, and heavy workloads efficiently. Backstage Studios Latin America is the right solution for your needs.

Our delivery times typically starts around 15 working days from the receipt of the material to be dubbed. We only require a low-resolution video file with the original audio (H264, 1280px width, .mov or .mp4, audio format MP3 or AAC 192 kbps), the English script, and the M&E stereo track (if applicable).

While audio specifications may vary from customer to customer, we usually deliver in -24 LKFS, 24 bits / 48 kHz .wav files:

  • SPA DUB Stereo Full Mix
  • SPA DUB Dialogs Only Stereo Track. (DX)
  • SPA DUB Card (list of all voice actors involved)
  • SPA DUB Script.
  • Left, Center, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround and LFE mono audio tracks for 5.1 mixes.
  • Pro Tools Session (if required)
  • SPA DUB M&E (if required)

Original Language

We chose this video because the original language is Ukrainian, which represents a unique challenge for Spanish adaptation

SPA Dubbed

Please note the similar voice pitch and the actors' performances. You can also check the Spanish localized version or visit our portfolio to see more.

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