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Can you imagine a world without sound? We definitively can not, and we understand how important is a good soundtrack for anything we see on screen, from the effects details to the power of the music to create the right emotions on the audience.  Because Backstage Studios Latin America was born as a Music Production studio, we grown up with deep understanding of music, and all that experience is now aimed to create, improve or re-create music and effects (M&E) tracks.

In the TV world, a lot of times sound are recorded live directly on the scene, this means that some sound effects need to be added in post production, specially when the content is dubbed into another language. By composing original music, sound design, doing foley the old ways or by using libraries, we offer you the freedom of take your content into a new language with all the needed effects and music, if you do not have it.

The acoustic design of our facilities has been meticulously studied to create a modal and reflection free environment, to keep the sound reproduction as clean as possible, for this reason, many audio engineers prefer us when adding the final touch to their projects. We guarantee you the sound achieved will be faithfully reproduced in the outside world.

Each one of our twelve studios are Mix-Ready, equipped with the best audio technology like Digidesign Protools 12 and Protools 12 HD systems, Genelec nearfield monitors, Slate Raven Mti2 control surfaces plus an extensive plugins collection, sound effects libraries and outboards, making our studios a great mixing room, specially our studio #6 and the 5.1 surround studio, which make use of tube microphones, tube pre-amps and even 1/4" tape recording to achieve a unique sound.

On the other hand, we are still recording and mixing Music Productions, but only for "in house" projects, old customers that have been with us since the beggining or for Dubbing customers.

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