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United States of America

As a localization agency, our goal is to offer you more and more language options under the same roof. In 2018, we started operations in the city of Miami, Florida, inaugurating our 14th studio in the city of Miramar, now adding the native Neutral English Dubbing service in the United States. Now in Backstage Studios Latin America, you can regionalize your content for marketing throughout the American continent

We work with several voice actors agencies, as well as local talents of a high level of professionalism, accent and excellent human and artistic quality.

Our delivery times are around 30 working days, once we have received the material to be dubbed. We only require from you a low resolution video file with the original audio (H264, 1280px Width, .mov or .mp4, audio format Mp3 or AAC 192 kbps), the English Script and the M&E stereo track (if apply).

The audio specs, may change from customer to cutomer,  but usually we deliver in -24 LKFS, 24 bits / 48 kHz . wav files:

  • EN DUB Stereo Full Mix
  • EN DUB Dialogs Only Stereo Track.
  • EN DUB Card (list of all voice actors involved)
  • EN DUB Script.
  • Left, Center, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround and LFE mono audio tracks for 5.1 mixes.
  • Protools Session (if required)
  • EN DUB M&E (if required)

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